Interesting ESL Links

As a new ESL tutor with the Adult Learning Centre, Courtenay, I have been browsing the web for interesting and informative articles about ESL learning and teaching.  The following blog by Stephen Seifert contains just that:

6 Fetching News Article Resources for ESL Students Online

This just in: The news is about to become your favorite new classroom tool.

ESL students quickly evolve and grow into eager, news-thirsty knowledge seekers.

Thanks to their language classes, the world has become a little smaller. Your students are taking interest in those popular stories popping up on their social media feeds.

They want to know more about the world around them, and they want to use their new English skills to fuel their insatiable desire to learn.

Your ESL students may be developing in-depth questions and may start to ask you about local and global news. They may want to read and understand the different perspectives of a particular news story or collect a more general overview about what is being reported outside their country.

Give them the knowledge they yearn for. Sharing a few excellent online news resources with your students will further their ESL skills. Current events are also a wonderful way for you to expand on your well-developed reading comprehension lesson plans.