PenPerfect specializes in creative and technical writing for businesses, students and community-minded people. The service includes research, editing, project management, tutoring, and story-development crafted to the individual needs of each client the company meets.

What is Technical and what is Creative about Writing?
Well, sometimes these work together and sometimes they stand alone.

Technically speaking, PenPerfect offers:
Policies, procedures and process documentation
Proposal development; project management
Annual report writing
Brochure design and writing
Web content writing; copywriting
Operators’ manuals; user guides

Creatively speaking . . .
While many classify creative writing as prose or poetry, creativity comes in many forms, such as writing well in one’s first language, integrating the creative with the technical, and expressing a conversational voice within a technical document. All of these attributes are vital to communicating your message whether in a technical document, an essay, a story or a poem.

PenPerfect is Technical and Creative Writing